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Dr. Carol N. Abalihi, MD at 1700 North Oregon Street in El Paso, Texas

Dr. Carol N. Abalihi, MD is healthcare, which located in Texas. They address is 1700 North Oregon Street.
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Phone: +1 915-225-4470


1700 North Oregon Street,
El Paso, Texas
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Customer Reviews about Dr. Carol N. Abalihi, MD

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    JOE BATTLE LOCATION: FIRST IMPRESSIONS:: It seems as if they purchased the furniture in the waiting area at a garage sale--very worn. The furniture at this clinic is in dire need of an upgrade. SERVICE:: Whenever my daughters have an appointment at this clinic, the service is very mediocre . The staff tries to act friendly but you can tell, most of them, are not genuine; you can easily see through their artificial smiles. The doctor (which is not Ms. Abalihi--I honestly forget her name), she might be an LP, that examines my daughters sees them in such a rush. I feel like I get a quick response for everything, which can be good but if I have more questions, they seem to inconvenience her. CONFIDENTIALITY:: Just like at most doctor's offices you must fill out paperwork, disclosures, etc. so that the facility ensures they are seeing the correct individual, to pull medical records and give appropriate prescriptions. However, at this facility, they can't even do that correctly. Sensitive information such as these seem to be disregarded. When I called for one of my children's information, they have it but don't for the other ... ??? This gives me an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. I would NOT recommend to any of my friends or family.
    July 02, 2017
    by sofia smith
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    I gave the Joe Battle office multiple attempts and every single time the office staff were incompetent, I had to wait over an hour to be seen, the office Manager was extremely rude and they wanted to charge me 50 dollars just to get MY medical records. I even asked for them digitally so they wouldn't have to waste ink and paper. I only saw Dr. Abalihi once and the entire time she was on her cell phone talking to her child about her dogs. After that I only saw the Physician Assistant which seemed to change every time. DO NOT go to this Doctor.
    March 23, 2017
    by Greg Mason
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About Dr. Carol N. Abalihi, MD in El Paso

Dr. Carol N. Abalihi, MD is located at 1700 North Oregon Street, El Paso, Texas.